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You have never tried a Super Green product like this before

Never before have you seen a unique formula like this combine synergistically to provide unseen levels of alkalizing and blood cleansing. It is truly is a superpower in a bottle


Very few of us get enough greens in our diets!

Many who do are selective, preferring to stay with the familiar greens they grew up with - even though they’re grown in depleted soils. Avena’s Superfood combines dense powerful greens supercharged to cleanse and restore proper pH. So why not feast on nature’s bounty while enjoying the convenience of enhanced, balanced, affordable nutrition?


Offering far more than typical green supplements

Avena’s Superfood helps give your body the powerful green foods it needs to keep your blood clean and your body healthy, in a robust combination of whole foods and cleansing herbs. Avena’s Superfood takes a holistic, whole-body approach to cleansing - one that exceeds the absorption limits found in other green supplements.


Superfood is 100% RAW Living Foods

Superfood is raw there is zero loss of nutrients in the manufacturing process! 

To get the most benefit from our enhancing products, Avena’s Superfood is the perfect companion to E-Fusion, our synergistic whole-food supplement that does far more than deliver greens to your body. E-Fusion is rich in amino acids and vitamins; Superfood contains all the essential minerals and alkalizing properties unique to greens. They taste great together, or you can take Superfood in capsules while you drink your E-Fusion. A perfectly healthy, quick meal with everything your body needs. There’s no better way to drink to your health!


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