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How to get rid of ear infections

By Raisa Weisspapir 

Q.: My son, who is nearly 4, has yet another middle ear infection- his third this year. He is taking antibiotics again. My friend suggested we try Homeopathic medicine because it worked so well for his daughter. How can homeopathy help my son?

A.: Children with acute or chronic middle ear infections greatly benefit from Homeopathic medicine. A recent trial in Washington found that children between the ages of 18 months and 6 years recovered more quickly when homeopathic remedies were given.

Often, antibiotics or invasive surgical procedures are prescribed. For example, children who have had repeated ear infections are more likely to develop “glue” ear (a chronic condition in which catarrh builds up in the middle ear causing some hearing loss), which might require grommets – minute plastic funnels which are inserted into the eardrum so that the fluid can be drained. Afterwards, there can be a risk of infection from water getting into the middle ear, and the need for repeated operation to have those tubes put back in if they fall out.

However, neither antibiotics nor surgery solves the main problem. Homeopathic medicine can.

Viewing each child individually and as a whole, Homeopathic medicine considers physical and emotional factors together. Have you ever heard about any medicine helping a child cope with the stress when a new sibling was born in the family? For example, when a child is experiencing issues of jealousy, it in turn can cause physical symptoms such as involuntary urination at night or earache or stomachache. A carefully chosen homeopathic remedy can help resolve those problems.

Moreover, careful observation of your child's behaviour can help to understand how physical symptoms manifest emotional distress or vice versa.

Homeopathy sees a disease as a reflection of the body's inability to function properly. Repeated ear infections indicate that the real problem lies much deeper. Perhaps your child's immune system is not strong enough to fight viruses and bacteria and is asking for help.

Homeopathic medicine will strengthen your child's natural defence systems so that the pattern of repeated sickness will stop.

Besides the fact that emotional stress lowers immune function, the most common causes of ear infections could be related to an allergy (food allergy, allergy to animal dander, pollen, cigarette smoke or house dust), nutritional insufficiency, infection of the respiratory system, nasal congestion, excessive mucous production, discontinuation of breastfeeding, and more.

Knowing the cause of your child's illness can help us to choose the right homeopathic remedy. For example, if your child gets an earache after being out in a cold wind, then you can help him by giving the homeopathic remedy Aconite. Chronic ear infections are successfully cured by constitutional homeopathic treatment.

When Lisa, a 3-year-old girl, was brought to me for a consultation, she was suffering from repeated ear infections and had been catching colds easily since she was 6 months old. The same time her mother gave up breastfeeding.

A cold repeatedly settled in her nose and ears. She craved sweets, milk, cheese, and eggs. She was afraid to sleep in a dark room and terrified of big black dogs. She was sweating easily, especially her head at night, and her glands on the neck were swollen. She was born with a weight of about 9 lbs.

The specifically chosen homeopathic remedy, Calcarea Carbonica, helped to get rid of her ear infections permanently. For the last couple of years, she hasn't gotten any ear infections and has even been able to go to gymnastics. Her parents are proud of her and are very pleased with homeopathic medicine. Homeopathy now is the best friend not only for all of Lisa's family but also for their friends. And this isn't surprising because Homeopathy helped to avoid surgery!

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