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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions 


Is it safe to use Homeopathy during pregnancy and while nursing?


Yes, Homeopathic medicine is the safest medicine to use during pregnancy in delivery, postnatal, and while breastfeeding.


Will homeopathic remedies interfere with prescription medications?

No, homeopathic medicines will not interfere with the use of prescription medications and if necessary, they may be used simultaneously.


Is it safe to give a homeopathic remedy to the baby and how can I do it?

Yes, since there are no toxic effects. Additionally, since babies and young children often have a high level of vitality, excellent results are to be expected.
Homeopathic pellets can be crushed and given to the baby as a powder, which is quickly dissolved in the baby’s mouth. Or they can be given in drops. Older children love sweet pellets and don’t have any problems taking them.


What can I expect from my first visit and follow-ups?

The first consultation takes an hour and includes taking the full patient’s history in great detail, planning an individual treatment regimen and prescribing the remedies. In children’s cases, it also includes the mother’s health problems during pregnancy and childbirth.
The follow-up consultations include an assessment of your improvement and prescribing the follow-up remedies. It takes 20-30 minutes.


How long and how often my treatment will take?

It depends on your individual health problem. In chronic cases, we recommend at least six subsequent appointments every 2-3 weeks to monitoring closely your progress. After re-assessment, you might need the next step - a rehabilitation regimen, consisting of another six appointments, every 4 weeks.
When your condition is totally stabilized, you may need another step of the program – support or maintenance, once in 2-3 months.


Where can I buy homeopathic remedies?

Homeopathic remedies are available in most health food stores and some drug stores. However, we provide homeopathic remedies and supplements of the highest quality, as well as rare remedies and mother tinctures.

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