*Dear patients, we are re-opened now for in-person visits (where appropriate). However, if you do not feel safe to come in yet, we are happy to continue virtual appointments. We are working hard to keep you safe. Please expect Pre-screening on the phone the day before the appointment and also upon arrival. We have breaks between patients to sanitize common surfaces before and after each appointment. To minimize contact, we do not use the waiting area. So the door of the office is closed, please kindly arrive at the exact time. We do Not accept walk-in patients until further notice. At the end of the appointments, you will be asked to sanitize your hands again. We are using PPE protection. There is NO food, drinks, toys, or books that are allowed inside the office. We are using an air purifier with a UV light. Thank you for your attention and cooperation.


Please expect a pre-screening phone call the day before the appointment and also upon arrival. 

Please fill out questionnaire


Upon arrival you will be kindly asked to wash your hands, put on your face cover and sanitize your hands.

Temperature Check 

Your temperature will be taken upon arrival.